New Years Resolutions

All of the festivities are coming to an end and we are re-entering the world having been in our festive Holidays bubble. As if it wasn’t hard enough getting back to our routine after this period of complete disorganised joy and rest, I have decided it is time to make a New Years’ resolution!

I have decided to become fitter so I stand some sort of a chance of keeping up with the kids when they are playing outside. I read that to have any hope of sticking to your resolutions you have to make them realistic and set goals but the big question is when does everyone officially start doing theirs? Surely not the first few days of January….

I have to confess, I did actually start with the idea of chocolate and then remembered that cocoa has benefits so I decided to swiftly move on as that was just never going to work. As you will see from the food blogs there will be a theme when it comes to desserts and that just might be chocolate, so in a very selfless way I decided against that one.

Moving on I am definitely going to try improving my walking maybe even jogging routine with my trusty Abbie…unfortunately this may be one resolution that she struggles with the most…


wish us luck!

It would be great to hear about any resolutions that you have made and when you are starting or have started..x

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