The Force Awakens in the Big Kids


the force is strong in this one…

So by now you have read that it has broken pretty much every box office record there is, including the fastest to reach $1 billion, but is it any good? I went to see it with my wonderful husband as soon as we could to find out. Unfortunately Cam and MiMi had to settle for just playing lightsabers, as sadly they are too little for the recommended PG-13 age.


Sibling love!!!

The short answer he gave me was yes, yes it is. Very good in fact.

It delivered on almost every level for new and old fans alike. The famous theme tune seems to have had an almost mesmerizing effect.  He rated it as his second favourite Star Wars film, I’m not sure how controversial this will be but Return of the Jedi still tops his list.

Now to the mom part, despite the rating it is not as scary as some other films that are rated  PG-13. The new characters are fun and there is plenty of humour thrown in, plot twists and yes shocks. Jedi tricks and visual spectacularness (which I know is probably not a real word by hey it sums it up!) There were tears of sadness and joy. Role on Episode VIII!

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