Losing Her First Tooth

We are all ready to get back into the routine of school and start 2016. Is it just me but isn’t it so much harder after a break when the days are colder and darker and all you want to do in the mornings is snuggle under the bedding and press the snooze button not once but at least three or four…or five times! So it happened and I’m not sure I’m ready for another milestone that says that my little baby…I mean little girl is growing up…actually change that to I’m definitely not ready…yes, she lost her first tooth.

Do all Moms get this emotional over their first tooth? Whilst I was feeling this mixture of joy and sadness MiMi informed me that she was officially all grown up now…oh my goodness…not ready at all…

We now have a gap at the front and she is telling me that the one next to it feels a little wobbly so we could be looking at one huge canyon, I will keep you posted!

She has wrapped it up and is looking forward to her fist ever visit from the tooth fairy…too cute.  I would love to hear about your tooth fairy traditions in your home as MiMi’s is being tucked under the pillow, do yours receive letters as ours leaves a very shiny coin…I hope the tooth fairy can find one tonight!!!x♥x


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