Homeschooling – where to start…

Homeschooling is the Mount Everest of topics and one I spent sooooooo many hours and days and weeks and months (you get the idea) thinking and researching about before we took the leap and started our homeschool.

Whilst I totally recognise that homeschooling may not be the right fit for all families, if you are just entering or at the considering stage it can be overwhelming to begin with. The experiences and the chance to see your kids flourish is amazing.  I’m going to share our experiences and some lessons learned with you over a series of posts with my guide to homeschooling, selecting curriculums, helping with resources and providing how-to guides, top 10’s as well as reviews of good products to use along the way!

One of the first critical decisions is which curriculum? Whether to go with a literature or textbook based curriculum, this is a hot topic which is hugely debated in so many forums.

Put simply, a literature based curriculum is when the learning objectives are learnt through fictional books that deal with the subject topic as a story (influenced by the Charlotte Mason approach) while a textbook approach is a more traditional non-fiction factual approach.

As we were new to the homeschool world we went for what seemed to us to be a comprehensive and fool proof option which was a boxed curriculum where everything was literally provided in a box (well lots of boxes!) This was a literature based curriculum which we then supplemented with a textbook curriculum so that we could integrate the two and go with the one that worked for each subject. As time has passed we have become aware of more products and will be making the big step to navigate different curriculums and bespoke it to the kids and their personalities or should I say quirks! We will still be going with the literature books but as our kids really enjoy the workbooks we will be doing a combination of both approaches through different curriculums.

The one thing I have learnt is that we are still learning and that this  is not an exact science where one size fits all, it not only depends on the family but also the individual child and adapting to their individual needs as they grow.

As this is such a huge and important topic over time I will try to cover each subject area individually sharing what we have learnt (the highs and lows!) but I would really love to hear about your homeschooling curriculum choices and general homeschool experiences so please share and join us on this exciting journey….x♥x

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