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Awesome Reward System for Kids

Well the kids are super excited today as I have just added some new items to the rewards basket! Yes, it works…they absolutely love having rewards at homeschool…who wouldn’t? This is a simple incentive scheme where they each have a little notepad which is decorated by them with stickers and yes, for MiMi this means glittery stickers of course! This is their sticker book where they collect star stickers. Now this is not a system where I only reward depending on how well they have done with their work. I try to also use it for effort, working well together…don’t you just it love it when the kids work well together…ahhh…having a mom moment!

Even if you don’t homeschool this is a great reward system to have at home for the kids.

The toys I have as prizes are not huge these are just little, allowance style toys so they all cost less then $10. They sometimes help me pick some of the items for the rewards basket which is always an exciting trip for them, we get little items like fun erasers, craft activities, (MiMi is addicted to all things sparkly especially glitter glue!). Cam collects cards and they both love Disney Infinity which has playing discs, I sometimes buy packs of items and then put them as individual items in the star basket…you get the idea! My kids just love to collect sets of things…are yours the same?


One of the things which they really enjoy is that I mark each item up in the basket as being worth different star amounts so the kids have the choice of whether to save for larger items. It teaches them about saving and my little one MiMi gets to practice her counting and math when she is working it out.

I laminate cards with different star amounts and attach them to the items so that the cards can be reused and the kids can clearly see what each item in the basket is worth.

They are generally marked up as quite a few stars depending on how much the item costs and this means that I can give stars out frequently. We have some special stickers  worth the same as 2 stars which causes a lot of excitement when they are handed out I can tell you!

We also do an end of term special mystery card system which has treats such as trips to the movies but that is for another blog or otherwise I may never stop typing…

I would love to hear about any reward systems that you use…x♥x



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  1. This is a great idea! For our reward system we use tickets. The kids all have things they have to do each day. Each thing on their checklist is worth a ticket. They can cash in tickets for treats, electronic time, or for cash if they save up in 50 ticket increments. Works well for our big family. Helps keep them in check with everything from school to chores to piano practice. Love your ideas. Thanks.

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    • Love your ticket system…my kids really enjoy having these little incentives and it gives them a great sense of achievement. It’s so good to hear that a reward system is working well for your family as well x


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