Introduction to the Ultimate Insider’s 101 guide to Disney World!

Okay so Disney World is a huge part of our life and has been for a long time.  Our kids have grown up going to the parks and staying at the resort since they were both babies.

Over time I  will post about every aspect of Disney World, where to stay, what to eat what our best buys are etc and give you an honest view on it all…it’s not sponsored or affiliated in any way.

Cam went from the age of one and Mimi first went when she was just 6 weeks old, although she slept through most of it….





There are not enough positive words to describe the magical world that Disney has built and the memories that are made there are some of the strongest that we have. Rarely does a week go by when we do not talk about something we did or something we are looking forward to doing next time.


So basically we can’t get enough of the place and highly recommend going whenever you can!

Pluto Love xxx

there are two kids somewhere there!

Disney World is soooo big and can be a real challenge…so over a series of posts I want to share with you tips and experiences to help you and your family get the most from your amazing vacations at the most magical place on Earth where magic happens for little kids and big kids alike!

We have spent hours and probably days, making reservations and organizing everything from fast passes (you‘ve heard about them right?) to excursions for behind the scenes safari’s at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and everything inbetween.  We have eaten (almost) everywhere and been on every ride at least a few times.  We have literally walked 500 miles around the parks and have filled a dozen autograph books meeting the characters.  Last estimate was that we had seen about a gizzilion fireworks explode at Mickey’s!


fireworks one

do you see Mickey ears???

I would love to hear about your experiences and if you would like to ask questions via the website or on twitter then please reach out…it would be great to hear from you and will be happy to give any advice I can…don’t be shy, if you are thinking of it then I am sure someone else is too! x♥x

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