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Top 5 Homeschool Equipment Buys

I have to confess I am a lover of school supplies and furniture! Odd I know but I wanted to share with you the top equipment that we purchased once we had commandeered one of our rooms as a homeschool room. Even if you don’t homeschool some of these may be useful for homework. I will do a separate post on the stationery that we have found to be the best as we seem to have worked our way through most types that are out there!

Gloss tables! We purchased most of our furniture for the room from that well known Swedish store (this is not a promo, I just love it)! One of the first pieces we bought were not desks but instead two tabletops and some table legs that were finished in a glossy white finish. The kids and my wonderful husband spent a day putting them all together and there were no scratching of heads which is always a good sign! Wow, is all I can say, the gloss make a major difference, we have had glue, pen marks you name it and so far it has all just wiped off with a damp cloth and looks brand new no matter what is thrown at it and believe me the kids have really tested this out! We also picked up some draws that we put under the desks and some colourful chairs to keep it bright and fun. The kids really enjoyed picking their colours and the great thing is that it was well priced and not a huge expense to replace bits if they needed it!


Storage Units! Storage units with boxes, storage units with cupboards and bookcases have been really great. The kids love the bright boxes and they each like having their storage cupboards as well. Who doesn’t like storage boxes..?

The whiteboard! Okay so I had no idea that I would use a whiteboard as much as I do but it is fantastic for putting up questions, spellings with MiMi and Cam has been covering long divisions and this has really helped. If you don’t have the room then before we bought our huge board we picked up a couple of small ones for the kids to use that they could put on their desks. MiMi also has an easel that has a whiteboard on one side which she sometimes uses.

whiteboard 1

The laminator! Yep, if it can be laminated it pretty much is! MiMi especially loves her hundred square which is laminated so that she can use her whiteboard marker and then just wipe it clean afterwards. It also means that it is fairly indestructible so it survives being pulled back and forth out of draws!

The paper trimmer! Not your obvious but it is really useful especially on those things that have been laminated and is great for all of their crafts!

Okay so this technically make number six but Craft Materials! Random stickers, felt, feathers, paper plates and cups, craft sticks…you get the idea are great for their imagination. We are starting to think about valentines day crafts so watch this space as they will be keen to share their projects..x♥x

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  1. I’m a teacher, and these are pretty much my essentials too. The school I’m at this year doesn’t have a laminator and I am miserable without one! Curious-what sort are you using? Might need to purchase my own.


  2. We homeschool as well, though my youngest is a bit older now. He still loves the white board. I love all your choices . I really miss our old big house with the class room. Yours looks very cheerful and well put together. 🙂


  3. I recently found two products in a Target store that I thought were great for small home school activities. It’s whiteboard and chalkboard tape! I use it for my oldest when we do practice writing, math, and small other things. Thought you’d be interested it.

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    • Thank you for posting this comment, really appreciated. I love this idea and now have a trip to Target on my mind! Although I have a feeling that we will be leaving with more than just the tape…I just love stocking up on school supplies and craft supplies as my little one loves crafting! x


  4. The biggest item that was on our homeschool furniture must-have list was a BIG mommy desk. Honestly, I don’t know how I ever did it with such a small work area before. Somehow, even with as big as this one is, it still gets covered in craft supplies that need put away, papers to be graded/recorded, and randomness that needs to be sorted. (Honestly, what DO you DO with tiny bits of broken crayon? I feel wasteful just throwing them away.) Your organizational cubes look amazing, we may have to clear out some space and find some for our homeschool room.

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    • I can completely relate to needing space! It is the same as purses, no matter how much larger the next one you buy is you always manage to fill it! A great activity for all of those broken crayons is to melt them into fun shapes using silicone baking molds.x


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