Valentines Day Kids Crafts

Okay, so Valentines Day for me is also a chance to get all sentimental with the kids…they decided to make cards and being kids the chance of getting their feet covered in paint was more than a little tempting…love you to the tips of my tippy toes…very cute…


They stuck their footprints down in a kinda heart shape, a little abstract I know!


We then used it as a chance to have fun and exercise their fine motor skills and weave around the heart I had cut out for them using yarn. Millie absolutely loved doing this, a chance to use pink yarn is always a winner with her!

Now for the mom moment…whilst all of this was great the truly special part was that they wrote a message and poem on the back. When your kids do that and you get to read their beautiful words…well yes…mommy grabs a tissue…or two…or three.. I have no idea how I will be when they graduate and all milestones which are yet to come…the husband… just rolls his eyes..?

We also made some hearts from beads, using symmetry by stealth with the kids! When you homeschool and love crafts you really enjoy all holidays…already thinking about Easter!



Wishing everyone a Happy Valentines Day x♥x

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