Creative Fun with the kids

At the end of our homeschool day we have different fun activities. These are the really special times, the kids love this end to our day and we try to rotate the activities whether it is sports related, watching a movie of a book we have just read, additional science experiments, coding, robotics, lego, messy play, baking, board games… Today for messy play activities with my little one we have been marbling paper using shaving foam and using it to make pictures, making salt dough and homemade play dough!

This is their time at the end of the day to just well have fun ‘golden time’…normally with MiMi this involves experiments or crafts as these are always her favourite!

We just mixed some food coloring into the shaving foam, placed the paper down and scraped all the foam off with an old ruler and they came out pretty well.

We then mixed some glue into some of the shaving foam to make textured pictures.


MiMi had fun making handprints and doodles.

As the food coloring was out and we were on a messy marathon we made some play dough. I love adding vanilla extract to the dough…what can I say I love the scent of vanilla whether it’s cakes, cookies or play dough!

These cups with lids work great for storage!

plah doh

Okay so we ended with salt dough, we made the little pots that we will be making chicks for and then will come the painting part…as it is MiMi this will probably involve mixing glitter into the paint but that’s for another day..!



Cam is busy reading his new book on chess, he seems to have caught the chess bug and is keen to beat mommy and especially daddy!

Tomorrow is a nature walk, mommy is excited about this one!

We would love to hear of any great activities that you have been doing recently..x♥x


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  1. What fun activities! My daughter has been painting a picture of hot air balloons on canvas, decorating craft eggs and she created a fairy garden inside a book! (It was a craft box shaped like a book that we bought from Michaels.) It turned out way cute.

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  2. Wow…sounds like she has been busy as well. It’s always great to see the kids have fun creating and using their imaginations. I love the idea of a fairy garden, this is definitely going to be a winner with MiMi x

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