New Disney Vacation New Memory Maker

We have been visiting Disney World every year now for a decade. Just saying it makes me feel both old and young at the same time…it is Disney World after all!

During that period Disney has introduced some amazing tech to the parks and to add to the fun of staying on Disney property. Over the years simple things like WiFi in the parks has made a huge difference and the new My Disney Experience is amazing for booking fast passes and dining among other things.

The first year we came Disney photopass was still a new idea that not many people were making the most of. If you haven’t heard of it, basically the idea is that you leave your camera at home (even your beloved SLR) and head to the parks where a team of better photographers (just talking about my skills here, not yours!) will take pictures of the family at key parts of the park and some attractions too (getting soaked while screaming on Splash Mountain for example). Now that was good, but at the end of the vacation you could either pay to download all of the photos to a DVD or you could order individual prints. Both options cost a relatively large sum, and so it only made sense if you had a huge number of photos taken or else just wanted one or two special family pictures while the good old SLR took the rest for the album. We used to justify the price tag by having our family photoshoot taken at the resort and included in the package until they stopped doing that a few years ago.

Now though, after a couple of years of not being sure where to really take this potentially fantastic service which was not overly popular Disney has stepped up the offering with the Memory Maker.

Now there are visibly more photographers at various locations and with your magic band they can instantly upload the photos you have taken. Which is nice. But it gets better than that. Whereas before only a few rides had pictures now when you fast pass on many rides you will get automatic photos uploaded to the memory maker and at some sites and rides you even get video productions like the one below!

It is incredible! And what is really unbelievable is that the clever people at Disney make this absolutely seamless, you do not even know it is happening – we just stopped for a photo outside Big Thunder Mountain and then two minutes later Woody and Jessie are dancing on the My Experience App on the iPhone!


We had a memory maker package included with our room purchase but otherwise there is a cost attached. It is a significant amount of money and so you do really need to take full advantage over the vacation to really justify it but now you can simply download the photos, add fun graphics to whichever device you like and print them off at your convenience – much better and more in-keeping with how we all do things now (do we even remember DVDs…?)




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  1. PhotoPass has always been a great option, although the price to purchase all your photos has increased significantly over the years. Memory Maker was just Disney’s most successful attempt to promote and capitalize on it. You are totally correct that they way to get the most value out of it is simply to use it at every opportunity.

    To me, the really great thing about Memory Maker is that you can get certain on-ride photos/videos ONLY if you’ve purchased Memory Maker. (e.g., Seven Dwarfs Mine Train) There are long-range RFID chip readers which read the chip in your MagicBand and add the photos/videos to the MyDisneyExperience account of anyone who has purchased Memory Maker. Everyone else is out of luck.

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    • Thank you so much, great comment. The long-range RFID chip readers are a great addition – not having to rush to get your photos at the end of the ride is really good. One tip we learnt on this visit with the memory maker is do not present your magic band at the end of rides that take your photo as otherwise you get duplicate pictures on your memory maker! x

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  2. We just experienced this service and we loved it, but to clarify, some rides were automatic to load the pictures but others do require using the magic bands at the end, such as Tower of Terror. I’m glad we still had our own camera with us, too, because the photographers weren’t there for our character breakfast and spontaneous moments standing in line, etc. But it was great to have group and family photos taken professionally and special touches added. Great post! 😊

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    • I have just read your post, looked like you all had such a great time, loved the pictures. Great points, the photographers only took one picture at the character meals either before you went in (Chef Mickeys, 1900 Park Fare…) or at the Polynesian there was one during the breakfast but sadly no pictures at the Garden Grill with Chip and Dale which is such a cute character experience. Hope you have all recovered from the Tower or Terror!!! x

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