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Welcome Home…DisneyWorld..

What a great week…the countdown is over we are back to the magic where the laughter, smiles and excitement is endless… Yep, we have a packed itinerary of parks, princess tea parties and pirate cruises… We have also discovered Cam’s obsessions not only pin trading but also with […]

Perfect Apple Crisp

This is delicious, warming, flavorful and always satisfying, a true winner. The fact that this is superfast and simple to prepare only makes this even more of a winner in our house! There is something great about a recipe that celebrates the imperfect and this is exactly what […]

Creative Fun with the kids

At the end of our homeschool day we have different fun activities. These are the really special times, the kids love this end to our day and we try to rotate the activities whether it is sports related, watching a movie of a book we have just read, additional […]

Perfect Lamb Meatballs

Okay so this is a major winner in our house. There is something very satisfying and homely about meatballs. Now these meatballs are beautiful…well as much a meatball can be…with gentle warming spices and the fragrant addition of mint. These stay moist and the kids can’t get enough of […]